Fast and Secure Cloud Server for Website Hosting in India

Fast and Secure Cloud Server

With cloud hosting, you have the ability to spread your data across several interconnected servers. Several businesses have moved from traditional hosting to cloud hosting due to a number of reasons. You have much more potential using cloud hosting since it uses the computing power of several machines. It also gives you access to all the services that these machines offer. Host Safari is one of the best Cloud hosting India service providers. We also offer unlimited domains with our Windows server hosting plans.

What is Cloud Hosting?

The cloud is a virtual environment that can hold multiple servers. It is an electronic structure that can store information across multiple computers. This information is then served to the users through networks like the internet. These server farms then act as one big storage, processor, and space and let all your information spread out across groups of multiple servers. This implies that your data will be saved even if one server is down.

5 Reason Why use Cloud Hosting instead of Traditional Hosting?

Even though setting up cloud hosting is much more complex and expensive, we see so many businesses move to cloud hosting.

There are some pretty amazing benefits of using cloud technology instead of a dedicated server.

1. Cloud hosting is versatile:

You can customize a solution that can meet your needs without having to go through the list of standard packages. You can select the OS, security, space, and processing power that you need within a cloud setup.

Your company website might access a huge database but uses a smaller front end or might need to host larger files for download from a smaller site. The cloud can accommodate whatever requirement that you have. Also with cloud hosting, you do not need access to the data center. You just need an internet connection so that you can manage your server using your own smartphone.

2. Access to more system resources and increased scalability:

You have much more access to a vast share of system resources than you ever need due to the underlying infrastructure of your cloud setup. For this purpose, you will have a huge amount of processing power present in your reserve even after all these resources have been shared between the different accounts on your cloud setup. These resources can be scaled easily by calling your hosting company when you know your website is expecting more traffic. You can scale the resources by setting up the hosting architecture to increase the resources based on your needs.

In the traditional hosting model, the setup has solid specifications and limited resources. Due to this, you cannot increase or make use of any extra resources in times of emergency or whenever the need arises.

A dedicated server can cause more hassles compared to a cloud server. A sudden increase in visitors will lead the whole site to crash or slow down with a dedicated server. With cloud hosting, you will be confident about catering to the demand of the users accordingly.

3. Cost efficiency:

With cloud hosting, you only have to pay for the services and resources that you use. You do not have to worry about the financial expenditure on infrastructure as the providers handle all that for you. Traditional hosting requires you to invest in the infrastructure and you have to pay for services that you do not even use. You will also need a private dedicated server so as to protect sensitive information which can be expensive

Look up online for the best Cloud hosting India service providers to get the best cloud hosting plans at affordable rates.

4. Cloud server has more uptime:

The cloud server is much more reliable than a dedicated server. Traditional dedicated servers leave you with more possibility of your website crashing. This affects the uptime of the website or application and can affect the user experience as well, leading to a loss of sales.

The more uptime that your server has, the better it would perform.

  • Since in cloud hosting the multiple servers are interconnected, there is no single point of failure. Everything runs smoothly and perfectly even when one server goes down as another server from the server cluster will take over its operation by default.
  • In traditional hosting, the failure of a single server that might have crashed or slowed down can lead to extended downtime for your website.

5. Improved security:

Multiple websites share the server resources and CPU capacity on a single server in the traditional hosting model. As mentioned before, this causes more expenses as you need a private dedicated server to protect certain information.

  • Cloud hosting is much safer and more secure compared to the traditional hosting model. It already comes with an infrastructure that does not require any extra expenditure.
  • The infrastructure of the Cloud setup is already secured with multiple layers of security which include data security, network security, and application security. One of the major benefits of cloud service providers is that they provide solutions that are encrypted, backup recovery, firewalls, and solutions for storage segregation and data isolation.

Ways to secure a cloud server:

Firstly, conduct a cloud server security assessment to understand the risks and analyze the issues.

  • Shut down services that are not necessary: It is more secure to shut down services that are not necessary to avoid opening portals to potential threats. Cyber attackers are on the lookout to exploit out-of-date software to exploit to their advantage.
  • Secure your cloud control panel: Ensure that you secure it with a strong and unique password to restrict any attacker who can abuse your data.
  • Encrypt data in motion: Cloud server users should use end-to-end encryption and make sure that all data that is transmitted to and from your cloud server is moved over an SSL connection.
  • Conduct regular software updates: Most security breaches are caused by software that is out of date and has vulnerabilities that can easily be taken advantage of by attackers. Monitor your distribution’s security advisories and update immediately.
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