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As an entrepreneur, we know that business is always on your mind. Tally Solutions, the leading business management software provider in India, has partnered with Amazon Web Services (AWS), the most complete and widely used cloud service in the world, to make Tally’s flagship product, Tally Prime, accessible on the cloud. This will allow you to stay connected with your business wherever you are. As a result of this partnership, virtual computers made available by AWS enable you to access your Tally Prime license and data from a distance, keeping you always linked to your business.

TallyPrime powered by AWS is the solution if you are an existing Tally customer seeking for a way to host your license and data online. Utilizing this technology can also greatly benefit companies with distributed operations.

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Tally On AWS

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Why choose Tally Prime powered by AWS:

Reliability: Tally products are known for their trustworthiness and simplicity, and AWS offers
competence in cloud computing systems. Teams from Tally and AWS have worked on Tally on AWS to make sure it functions for you whenever and wherever you are.

Everything you need in one place: All you have to do is discuss it with your Tally partner if you choose to follow this course of action. From gathering requirements through implementation, they will take the initiative and even provide post-sales assistance. You don't need to speak with numerous vendors to find a solution or address any related issues.

Economical: Tally Prime on AWS will be made available to you at incredibly low pricing points that were developed specifically to meet your company's demands.

Flexibility: Unsure of which usage plan will suit you the best? You must include more users. hectic month? Your plan can be seamlessly upgraded or downgraded whenever you want, in just a few minutes! Your data and billing will be handled by a fully automated process.

Platform-Agnostic: The solution functions on Windows, Mac, and Linux clients when accessed through the Chrome browser, even when users are using separate systems with either 64- or 32-bit configurations across offices and homes.

  • TallyPrime is accessible from anywhere.
  • Greater flexibility of collaboratively working on the same data with all users.
  • A practical way to use a computer to access TallyPrime.
  • Minimal infrastructure and deployment expertise needed.

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