How To Make The Most Of Your TallyPrime Software?

How to make most from tally prime software

Every company strives to reduce expenses. However, most companies waste the actual potential of high-quality software like Tally. Tally attracts tens of thousands of incredible offers for business management. Only those Tally functions that are necessary for daily operations are used by the majority of organizations.

This limits the software’s capacity to provide better service to users. The majority of accountants and Tally users get accustomed to a specific manner of working with Tally. Tally has multiplied many times, and with each new release, it tries to enhance the user experience. Therefore, if you are not using the most recent version of Tally, you might not be aware of ways to increase your Tally utilization, which will increase your efficiency.

Here are the top 10 ways you can use TallyPrime in a much more efficient way –

TallyPrime Quick Tips –

You can execute tasks utilizing simple keyboard shortcuts when using the most recent version of Tally. A study found that using keyboard shortcuts might result in annual savings of up to 8 full working days. Here are several keyboard shortcuts that can increase your job productivity:

  1. Shortcut to quit Tally – Alt+F4
  2. To open a report, and create masters and vouchers while on a completely different screen – Alt+G
  3. To open the list of actions applicable to managing the company data – Alt+Y
  4. To open the import menu for importing all types of data – Alt+O
  5. To view the exceptions in a report – Ctrl+J
  6. To view a list of all vouchers or masters – F10
  7. To open a Sales Order – Ctrl+F8
  8. To open Purchase Order – Ctrl+F9

Tally’s Digital Signature –

The most recent versions of Tally provide the option to automatically append a digital signature to all signed documents. You are in charge of deciding whether or not to sign the document. It is an excellent feature to have because it reduces the amount of time workers must wait to acquire the signature.

Table Magic

Every work requires you to provide reports. Users of Tally might need to produce the same reports every month or every three months. Tally users may need to manually produce these reports in Excel because many times these reports are quite particular and Tally may have a comparable report but not the exact report.

This can be done more effectively by automating your Tally reporting with Tally sheet magic, an Excel-based report writer. Using data from Tally, reports are generated automatically in Excel. Your ability to work more quickly as a result.

Audit Record

A log of every action taken by each Tally user will enable improved control and oversight of sensitive Tally data.


E-invoicing is required for all B2B companies with a turnover of more than $10 billion. You must utilize the most recent version of TallyPrime if your company falls within the aforementioned classification. Even though the majority of you probably already use E-invoicing through Tally, it’s crucial to have TallyPrime with E-invoicing activated since it enables you to produce, modify, and remove E-invoices directly from Tally.

Branch Management in Multiple

A corporation that has numerous locations in various states would wish to keep its data with the same Tally organization. TallyPrime’s Multiple Branch Management makes it possible to achieve this. You can manage many branches within a single Tally firm to keep track of a company’s various locations. As a result, you can view reports collectively and draw conclusions from them. It also aids in the filing of returns. Instead of complicated data administration, it enables you to have a straightforward branch management method.

Access Search

The efficiency and user experience of Tally has increased up to 10 times thanks to the Go-To feature or Go-To search bar in TallyPrime. You’re losing out on a 10x increase in work efficiency if you’re still using previous versions of Tally, such as Tally.ERP. You can access the many search results that have matched your query by typing the name of any screen in Tally into the Go To Search Bar. You will be directed to the selected screen after making your selection. Any voucher, report, ledger, or master file is acceptable.


Keep View

Users of TallyPrime who frequently read a certain report would appreciate the ‘Save read’ function. The ability to save the configurations made for a particular view of a report using this feature saves the user a significant amount of time.

Tally On Cloud

In today’s fast-paced business world, Tally on Cloud is transforming accounting practices. With seamless accessibility, enhanced security, and effortless collaboration, businesses can now manage their finances efficiently. Scalability and cost efficiency are achieved through a pay-as-you-go model, while automatic updates and upgrades ensure businesses are always up to date. Discover the convenience and flexibility of Tally on Cloud for your financial management needs.

Excel To Tally

Transferring data from Excel to Tally has never been easier with the seamless integration between the two platforms. Businesses can now effortlessly import their financial data from Excel spreadsheets directly into Tally software, eliminating manual data entry and reducing the chances of errors. This streamlined process saves time, increases accuracy, and ensures efficient accounting practices. Experience the convenience of Excel to Tally data transfer and optimize your financial management workflow.




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