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You can distribute your data across a number of connected servers using cloud hosting. Due to a variety of factors, many firms have switched from traditional hosting to cloud hosting. Because cloud hosting makes use of the processing power of numerous machines, your potential is greatly increased. Additionally, it grants you access to all of the services that these devices provide. One of the greatest cloud hosting companies in India is Host Safari. With our hosting services for Windows servers, we also provide limitless domains.

What is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud hosting is a type of web hosting that utilizes a network of servers to provide hosting services. Unlike traditional hosting, cloud hosting uses multiple servers to balance the load and improve performance and uptime. It also allows for easy scalability, as resources can be added or removed based on demand. Cloud hosting is often more cost-effective than dedicated hosting.


5 Reason Why use Cloud Hosting instead of Traditional Hosting?

Despite the fact that setting up cloud hosting is far more difficult and expensive, so many firms are switching to it. There are some pretty amazing benefits of using cloud technology instead of a dedicated server.

1. Cloud hosting is versatile:

The flexibility and benefits of cloud hosting over conventional hosting are undeniable. Its capacity to scale is one of its key advantages. Due to the ease with which resources can be added or deleted as needed, cloud hosting enables organisations to quickly adapt to changes in traffic and demand. Additionally, cloud hosting is more dependable and resilient than traditional hosting because it depends on a network of servers. Resources can be automatically moved to other servers in the event of a server failure, reducing downtime. Additionally, cloud hosting gives greater pricing flexibility because companies can decide to only pay for the resources they actually utilise. Finally, cloud hosting is a popular option for remote teams since it enables simple collaboration and access from anywhere in the world.

2. Access to more system resources and increased scalability:

Access to more system resources and increased scalability are essential components for businesses and organizations seeking to achieve their goals and remain competitive in today’s technology-driven world. More system resources can refer to a variety of components, including processing power, memory, storage, and network bandwidth. Having access to greater system resources can improve the speed, reliability, and overall performance of applications and services, enabling them to handle larger workloads and more complex tasks.

Increased scalability is also critical for businesses as they grow and evolve. Scalability refers to the ability of a system or application to handle increasing levels of traffic, data, or usage without sacrificing performance. This can be achieved through the use of scalable architectures, such as cloud computing, which allow businesses to add or remove resources as needed, providing flexibility and cost savings.

In summary, having access to more system resources and increased scalability can provide businesses and organizations with the tools they need to support their growth, increase productivity, and remain competitive in a rapidly changing market.

3. Cost efficiency:


You just have to pay for the resources and services you really utilise with cloud hosting. You don’t need to worry about the cost of infrastructure because the suppliers will take care of that. With traditional hosting, you have to pay for things you never even use and invest in the infrastructure. In order to protect sensitive information, you will also require a private dedicated server, which might be pricey.

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4. Cloud server has more uptime:

A dedicated server is substantially less dependable than a cloud server. Your website is more likely to crash on traditional dedicated servers. This reduces the website or application’s uptime and may degrade user experience, which could reduce revenue. Your server will function better the more uptime it has.
There is no single point of failure in cloud hosting because the several servers are connected to one another. Even when one server fails, everything continues to function flawlessly since another server in the server cluster automatically assumes control of that server’s functionality.
In the case of traditional hosting, your website may have prolonged downtime as a result of a single server failing, which may have crashed or slowed down.

5. Improved security:

In the conventional hosting approach, numerous websites share the server resources and CPU power on a single server. As previously indicated, this results in higher costs because you want a private dedicated server to safeguard certain information.
Comparatively speaking, cloud hosting is significantly safer and more secure than traditional hosting. It already has an infrastructure that does not call for more spending.
Data security, network security, and application security are just a few of the many layers of protection that have already been added to the infrastructure of the cloud system. The fact that cloud service providers offer solutions that are encrypted, backup recovery, firewalls, and solutions for storage segregation and data isolation is one of their main advantages.

Ways to secure a cloud server:

Perform a cloud server security evaluation first to comprehend the threats and evaluate the problems.
Close unnecessary services: In order to prevent opening doors for prospective threats, it is safer to close any unnecessary services. Cyber criminals are constantly searching for ways to take advantage of outdated software.
Protecting the cloud control panel: Make careful to protect it with a strong password to prevent anyone from using it maliciously.
  • Encrypt data in transit: When using a cloud server, users should employ end-to-end encryption and ensure that all data is transferred over an SSL connection when going to and from the server.
  • Update software frequently: Software that is out of date and has flaws that are easily exploited by attackers is the main source of security breaches. Keep track of the security updates for your distribution and apply them right away.
  • Using cloud hosting, you can spread your data among several connected servers. Many businesses have shifted from conventional hosting to cloud hosting for a number of reasons. Your potential is substantially expanded because cloud hosting makes use of the computing power of several machines. It also gives you access to all of the services that are offered by these gadgets. Host Safari is one of the best cloud hosting providers in India. We also offer an infinite number of domains with our hosting services for Windows servers.

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